Tennant Metals specializes in the sourcing and the physical supply of base metals in scrap, refined metal forms, ores or concentrates.

Our approach is to diversify our business by developing both activities and services to bring tailored solutions to our suppliers and customers.

Tennant Metals is based on powerful values such as customer service, openness, dialogue, respect, innovation, reactivity and integrity.



Tennant Metals offers solutions for suppliers and customers in terms of resources, financing agreements and deliveries.

Our large network of miners, producers, smelters and refineries is our significant  key asset.

Purchasing and sales

Tennant Metals is responsible for the supply of scrap and the marketing of products for its Group’s plants:

  • BAGR Berliner Aluminiumwerk GmbH, a secondary aluminium producer, in Germany
  • Cable Recycling Industries (CRI), a copper scrap recycler, in Spain.

Offtake agreements

Tennant Metals secures long-term solutions with key producers investing in offtakes: Ferro Chrome ex South Africa and Copper Cathodes ex Indonesia.

Tennant Metals aims to take further capital positions on offtake agreements.

Diversified portfolio

A diversified portfolio with suppliers and customers all over the world and trading of various types of commodities allows Tennant Metals to take advantage of any market opportunity and not to be affected by deteriorated market conditions on any specific product.